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Finding Inspiration in Everyday Life


We are told that we are in this world for a purpose, yet it often doesn’t feel that way. Days are filled with a certain amount of boring and trivial work assignments, homework, chores, obligations.  It is out of these that inspiration comes that helps us get through the rest of the day. The key is finding those moments of inspiration that come from ordinary, everyday things.

Just around the corner, .the next exhilarating inspiration is about to happen, and it can arise from the simplest of circumstances. It could be the exciting news that arrived in the mail that a high school senior has been accepted to the college of his choice, a new grandchild has been born, a neighbor’s son has arrived home after being away at war.

These happenings are not just inspiration but are the keys by which we unlock our storehouse of past experiences, our hopes, our fears, and our beliefs. One by one let’s examine how each of the above brings forth inspiration: 

A high school senior gets accepted to the college of his choice. He is on cloud nine for a few minutes, and then reaches for the telephone to tell his friends. This awakening from the usual humdrum of school life inspires him to write an exceptional speech for the school’s graduation ceremony. 

A first grandchild is born. The grandmother is inspired is inspired to fight her fear of flying and calls right away for reservations. She is so excited she absolutely cannot wait to hold her grandson in her arms.  On the plane she whiles away her time knitting him a pair of bootees and before she knows it, she has landed and without even one thought of fear.

The next door neighbor who has arrived back home after being away for several years is good news indeed. After listening to him tell of the good that he and fellow soldiers did despite one bitter disappointment after another, his enthusiasm for his past efforts at bringing forth world peace inspires his neighbor to get involved in putting together a welcoming committee for those arriving home from such fearful situations. 

These daily inspirations do not have to involve us personally, but they can be affidavits of the spirit that alert you to the goodness of life. These are necessary to keep us plodding along doing the routine. They cement our beliefs in the goodness of life, that it definitely does have purpose and there is reason for hope despite fears of the unknown.

Try something new today. Try looking at each and every item you touch differently. Notice the colors. Are they dark or light? Does it affect your mood by making you happy, sad, angry, or comforted? Think about the texture of everything you touch. Is it smooth, rough, hard, or soft? How does that affect your mood? What adjective can you give the things you touch? Afraid to try something new? Why not make the first step? Then another, and another. Writ down goals and celebrate each one that you achieve.

Look at a sunrise, enjoy the smell and taste of breakfast. Allow yourself to feel…really feel. I know it sounds a little hokey, but we have become so calloused going through life that we have forgotten how to appreciate the small things that we surround ourselves with every day. Once you allow yourself to let the wall down, take a deep breath, and feel the things that are around you life will seem to blossom before your very eyes as a flower in the spring.

Listen to music and just think. Sometimes music has a way of getting to your deepest emotions and makes opening up to new experiences easier. Perhaps a lyric strikes a chord with you or a certain beat gives you confidence. Music works in mysterious ways, so listen to whatever makes you escape, helps you get to the heart of a matter, or basically just relaxes you. Inspiration may be just around the corner from that melody.

If you look at things differently if only for a few moments, by the end of the day you will have a new appreciation for the things around you. The things you live around will begin to inspire you. You will begin to see the miracle of this world.

For another example, when was the last time you really looked at someone. I’m not talking about giving them a quick glance and walking on. I am talking about really looking at them. Who are they under the skin and bone, fingernails and hair? What makes them tick? What do their eyes say about them? Are they a happy person or someone who always complains? If they are a complainer, what is it in their life that makes them so unhappy? Make a mental note of it and work to be a source of inspiration to everyone you meet in some small way.

These are all things that are supposed to inspire us. This is the world around us. We have taken so many things for granted that life just seems to come automatically and go just as quickly. Take a closer look with a deeper vision of the things around you.

Let them inspire you to be kind to the people around you, be appreciative of the miracles that both God and man have created. Life is so precious and we are here for such a short time that we can’t afford to waste a minute of it. We need to all step back as humanity and let these things give us inspiration  for our own lives and to also inspire others.

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