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The Best International Dance Schools

At Right - One of The Royal Ballet School Studios

There are thousands of dance schools and repertoires that offer dance styles from ballroom to ballet, from the Royal Ballet School in London to the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet that feeds the Mariinsky Ballet Company and the famed Bolshoi. Other notable names include the Paris Opera Ballet School and the Royal Danish Ballet School.

Competition for entry in to each of these famous institutions is fierce and the teachers, choreographers and facilities are renowned for being some of the, if not the very best that the world has to offer. 


Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet

 Located in St. Petersburg and operating since 1738, it has also been known as the Imperial Ballet School and the Leningrad State Choreographic Institute. It was named after Agrippina Vaganova who developed a method of classical ballet that is taught here today. Some very famous ballet dancers have graduated from the Vaganova Academy including Mikhail Baryshnikov, Rudolph Nureyev, Anna Pavlova and George Balanchine. Students from the age of 10 are accepted and the competition is very fierce. French and piano lessons as well as many other subjects are taught aside from rigorous dance training. 


Paris-Opera Ballet School

 Known as being the oldest dance school in the Western World, its beginnings go back as far as 1713 when Louis XIV founded the school; he in fact was a dancer himself as a younger man. French speaking dancers are given preference as admitted students. The facilities here including studios, gymnasium, theatre, library and classrooms are of the highest standard. Ballet dance, folk dance, jazz, contemporary dance, pas de deux, mine and singing are all taught. 


Royal Danish Ballet School

 Operating since the 1770’s and a feeder to the Royal Danish Ballet, this relatively small institute offers intense ballet tuition to 60 - 70 pupils. Ages starting from 6 and up to 16 years. Expert instructors and a fine reputation keep the Royal Danish Ballet School firmly on the list of one of Europe’s best. 


American Ballet Theatre

Headquartered in New York City, the American Ballet Theatre offers a premier dance technique education program. Known for its Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School’s preprofessional programs, this school breeds the best dancers in the world. Famous alumni include Tony Award-winner David Alvarez, a former lead in “Billy Elliot the Musical.


Bolshoi Ballet Academy - Also known as The Moscow State Academy of Choreography

The affiliate school for the world renowned Bolshoi Ballet is also one of the oldest and most prestigious on offer anywhere, established back in the 18th century. The dance training facilities, including well-appointed studios are of excellent quality. The dance education is thorough, comprehensive and masterful. Classes in ballet technique, pointe work, pas de deux, jazz, historical dance and character dance are taught by some of the finest teachers in the world. Students as young as 9 years are accepted in to the program and the Bolshoi Ballet Academy travels as far away as New York City to host intensive summer programs. 

Famous alumni of the academy include Maya Plisetskaya, one of only two Russian ballerinas who was awarded the ultimate ballerina title, “prima ballerina assoluta.”


Brent Street

 Brent Street is an Australian performing arts school based in Sydney. The school started in 1986 and since then has expanded its range of styles to ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tap, musical theater, singing, drama and acrobatics.The school now holds modern dance studios, a theater and a recording studio and rehearsal space for their subsidiary program through the Talent Development High School. With more than 1,000 students, this school is the premier dance studio in Australia. Many of the school’s alumni have gone on to compete in Australia’s “So You Think You Can Dance” and various Broadway acts.


Joffrey Academy of Dance

 The Joffrey Academy of Dance is a New York City- and Chicago-based contemporary ballet school that continues to push the standard of excellence in dance education and performance. The Academy focuses on ballet training and offers challenging classes for children, preprofessional and adults divisions. In more than 50 years of existence, many of the Joffrey company began as students of the Academy division.


The Royal Ballet School

This school is known as being one of the most famous classical ballet schools in the world. It is also an associate or feeder school for the Royal Ballet. With an 8 year, highly professional and structured dance course of expert tuition, the Royal Ballet School, located in Surrey and Covent Garden, accepts the very best and most gifted ballet dances in to its fold. Some of the students who graduate from the Royal Ballet School go on to dance with the Birmingham Royal Ballet where Her Majesty the Queen is a patron and the President is HRH Prince of Wales. Famous alumni include Alessandra Ferri, Dame Margot Fonteyn and Dame Beryl Grey, among many other famous ballerinas.


Paris Opera Ballet

 Based in Paris, this ballet school is the official ballet company of the Opéra de Paris, or “Palais Garnier.” The company’s origins date back to the mid-1600s, when King Louis XIV reigned as king of France. The school has bred famous ballerinas, including Agnes Letestu and Nicolas Le Riche.



 The Juilliard School has become a historical benchmark in performing arts. This New York City school produces big-name dancers and performers, including Siena Cherson Sigel and Paul Taylor. The school features precollege and college divisions in dance genres ranging from modern, tap, jazz, contemporary and more.


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